Investor Exposure

Pacific Equity communicates the fundamentals and future valuation of your company through the following methods:
Teleconference between CEO and management with Pacific Equity’s professional sales team. The conference call focuses on the key fundamentals of the business are understood by the Pacific Equity service representative team. All key points are communicated uniformly and professionally to the investment public by Pacific Equity service representatives. A summarized 2 to 3 page corporate research report is drafted. This report focuses on content & the “core value” of the stock we are representing. The report is disseminated to the retail accredited investment community. This old fashioned, over the phone, “broker” sales technique has a proven track record to generate substantial volume and create REAL awareness in the investment community. Pacific Equity has the ability to profile the company’s corporate background information; additionally, we can profile a CEO Webcast, all via the internet. Pacific Equity provides a series of corporate finance services. It is ALWAYS our goal to be rehired at the term of the campaign and maintain long term relationship between ourselves, management, and the investment community we represent — Pacific Equity Core Services Schedule First a CEO conference call and recorded Interview takes place among the Pacific Equity Alliance LLC sales force.  From this interview, investment considerations are made and key points are drafted to target the Investment Community.  A 2 to 5 page Corporate Research Report is prepared.  If you and your team need press release writing, content conception and press release scheduling support; The “Pacific Equity” team is capable.  Once this takes place the outbound Tele-Campaign to new investors & proactive Market Maker communications and relations take place.  Bid Support and other strategic Bid / Ask Representation on the market.  The team at Pacific Equity Alliance LLC focuses on current shareholder relations & management.  The current shareholder base will receive postcard mailers. Target Accredited Investors from the “Pacific Equity” database are directly notified.